Suresh took them to Ramoji film city on saturday... Rajni did not accompany them as it involves lot of walking and she had already seen it... Next day they all went to Birla Mandir...Mom next week will take you to Golcanda and other places..

Vedavathi was very happy going around places, also was happy to get importance as, Rajni had instructed cook to check with Vedavathi what to cook for breakfast and Lunch and dinner.. And everyday she used to have cook do some snacks with Tea..

There was literally no work and she used to spend whole day watching tv.. And week-ends Suresh took them to various places and many times eat in posh restaurants..

Here Ramya-Rakesh was happy too. They dint know how 2 months flew by...

Ramya...Ramya, Rakesh came to Ramya's desk.. Come for coffee i need to tell you something said Rakesh..

Oiy.. Middle of office hours you remembered your wife, Whats matter.... teased Ramya's team mate

Oh nothing like that, just wanted to tell i got onsite offer.. Will be leaving in 3 weeks.. I will be working in our Usa branch for 6months. said Rakesh.

6 months, how can i be........ said Ramya..

No no.. I have processed even for you, even you are coming with me said Rakesh..

But how my project doesnt have onsite, also i am fresher. Said Ramya..

Ramya our company has 6months sabbatical leave, you can put leave and come with me.. said Rakesh..

Oh congrats pa, just 6months back you guys went for honeymoon, you people are lucky 2 honeymoon's in a year, winked Ramya's friend..

Night they went to Ramya's parents place for dinner.. Padma and Jagdish was happy to know this.. Isnt it very cold there, this time of the year asked Jagdish..

Yes uncle, very very cold.. Wednesday we have Visa interview scheduled.. We will be going to chennai.. Once that is confirmed we need to shop a lot said Rakesh..

Did you tell this to your dad, is he happy asked Jagdish..

Yes uncle, spoke to dad.. He is very happy.. Even mom is very happy i spoke to her too.. They are coming back next week. As house cant be vacant for 6months.. said Rakesh..

Visa was stamped without any issues.. Rakesh-Ramya had put 2days leave to do all shopping.. They purchased lots of wollen clothes, and Rakesh insisted Ramya to buy few western dresses.. Ramya's mother gave her few vessels and prepared few readymade powders,Pickles and Papads for basic cooking..

Hmmm Looks like all set na Ramya.. We just need to buy 2 big suitcase thats it Said Rakesh..


Oh i thought you guys will stay here till Rajni's 7th month, do Seemantham(Baby shower) for her send native then leave..But you are already leaving.. Said suresh.

Its just 2 more months na Suresh.. Neeways there is cook to help.. If you still need help call your mom Rajni.. Its not safe to leave house vacant for 6months said Vedavathi..

Vedavathi was happy that Rakesh is going Abroad, but somehow she dint feel good that Ramya got this oppurtunity to go abroad.. Since he is a Software engineer and have already travelled abroad few times, She felt Sarika or any rich girl could have been her daughter-in-law...

Ramya was excited, they just had 10days to leave..

Ramya was cooking Breakfast.. Hmm this is called luck.. you should have married a normal accountant or clerk for your level. But because of my son's kindness, you are married, in this house and now going foreign... If all poor girls parents are cunning like you and your parents then they get their daughters married without a penny...

Ramya decided not to spoil mood, and just walked out of the kitchen...


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