Ramya, we just have 8days left to travel. We will be away for 6 months, if you want you put 2days leave and stay with your parents.. Said Rakesh..

Oh thanks Rakesh, even i wanted to ask you that. But Aunty has just come from hyderabad, she might get angry if i go there said Ramya.

You dont worry about mom dear. She is angry no matter what you do to her.. Get ready i will drop you while going to office..

Rakesh dropped Ramya at her moms...Padma was happy that she is here for 2days.

Padma adviced Ramya to keep warm clothes, carry basic medicines and other things..

Mom do you know any prepone tablets?my periods r delayed by a week.. I dont want to get it at time of travelling said Ramya...

Postponed by week ? you have never got it this delayed have you? asked Padma.

No ma, generally it will be maximum 2-3days. said Ramya..

Ramya lets go to Gynecologist, its not good to take tablets without consulting doc. They both reached clinic in next 30mins. Gynec did necessary tests and confirmed Ramya is pregnant, she gave some vitamin tablets and do's and dont's.

Doc, i am supposed to travel to usa in weeks time, is it safe,
asked Ramya...

Hmm, there is no issues, flying before second trisemister.. But avoid if you can said the doctor.

Ramya and Padma was very happy. Ramya immediately called Rakesh.. And by the time they reached home. Rakesh had come to Ramya's parents place..

He literally picked Ramya in arms and kissed her forhead.. Oh Rakesh stop it Mom is here said Ramya blushing..

Rakesh put her down, and said i am very very happy Ramya..
This is the best gift you could ever give me.

Btw did doctor confirm, that you can travel ? asked Rakesh.

Yes, she can.. But first 2 semisters is very delicate period in pregnancy.So you should take care of her Rakesh, said Padma.

Oh definitely aunty, i wont let her cook too. I will do everything and take care of her. Dont worry said Rakesh.

Ramya you apply sabattical leave from tom. So you get some rest before we travel next week said Rakesh.

Ramya, lets tell this to our parents. Can we go to our house asked Rakesh.

Yes sure Rakesh.. Uncle will be very happy.. When Rajni akka got pregnant, he was saying even if you have baby soon. I can see both my grand kids before i die..

Rakesh got some sweets and reached home...

Krishnappa and Vedavathi was having Lunch.. Oh Rakesh, you dint go to office ? you have come so early asked Krishnappa..

Dad i have a good news.. I am becoming father. Ramya is pregnant...

Wow, bonus for us. We are going to be grand parents to two babies this year. we are very lucky right Veda ? said Krishnappa.

What is lucky thing in this ? We will be grand parents with Suresh-Rajni's baby first... said Vedav

Krishnappa ignored her and asked Rakesh, So can she travel ?

Yes, yes Doctor has confirmed she can.. I will leave her at her parents place for couple of days said Rakesh..

Sure, afterall she cant see them for 6months.. said Krishnappa..


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