Aunty, Ramya will be here till Tue, we will be traveling Saturday night... I will pick you up Saturday morning said Rakesh..

Padma cooked Ramya's favourite dishes everyday... Jagdish got Ramya's favourite cakes and choclates.

Oh mom-dad, you will make me 5kgs extra in 5days. Enough how much can i eat said Ramya..

It would have been good, if you were here.. You need good care during Pregnancy. Atleast every weekend you could have come here.. I would have cooked all your favourite foods..1st Delivery is done in parents house, once you are back from usa, you better come here and stay with us till baby is 6months..

Vedavathi had got used to Ramya doing all works. Now she felt lazy to cook and do all house hold work.. She was cleaning the bathroom, and kept murmuring " we all worked till 9months only then we were sent to my parents house. This Maharani already went to her parents house, and after that shes running away to foreign. Now i have to do all work..." suddenly she skid and fell and had a paralysis attack..

Rakesh had already gone to office, Krishnappa had gone out to see his friend. She laid there for 1hr without able to get up..

After an hour Krishnappa returned, and was shocked to see her in that state. He immediately called to Rakesh...Ramya and her parents rushed to hospital.. Since Rajni could not travel, suresh started same night to see his mother..

She was admitted in hospital. Doctor confirms its a permanent attack.. And says, since she has a attack on her right hand. She will not be able to move it..

Doctor, is there any cure for this ?? asked Rakesh.

Rakesh, unfortunately there is no complete cure. Mostly we suggest patients for rehabilation, which helps the person to adapt to the compromised life and become independent and confident with help of aids. We can actually discharge her tommorrow.. said Doctor..

Suresh reached next day morning.. They all took Vedavathi home.
Ramya cooked for all.. And she helped Vedavathi take bath and tie saree.. Krishnappa fed Vedavathi with spoon, and tucked her to bed.

Everybody finished breakfast, and came to living room.. I dont want to send Veda to any rehabilation center, I will hire a maid and have veda stay with me... suresh will go back to hyderabad. You and Ramya is going away to usa for 6months. If i send Veda also i will be left alone in this home said Krishnappa with tears in his eyes..

Rakesh, i have decided to stay back, i cant leave them in this stage, neeways i have taken 6months sabbatical. I always wanted to take break once i conceive and have baby.. Said Ramya..


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