Aug 24th 2015... 

Our little one completed  one month today.
Tharun was born at 33w5d, so he was in NICU..We could bring him home only after 21days..

I got to see my precious one only after 5days after he was born, as i myself was placed in ICU because of high BP and Platelets complications,and his Dad(Ramesh) used to visit him twice daily...

After a week, i used to visit him daily, and Nurse used to allow us to hold him skin to skin contact they call it KMC, Kangaroo mother affection and KFC, Kangaroo fathers affection. Tharun used to happily sleep with Mommy and i asked Ramesh to try it once, Ramesh was scared to hold him, but later did and enjoyed it...

He was so tiny, i needed couple of days to get confidence to even hold him with Nurse help. After couple of days we used to visit him everyday 9-6 where i was encouraged to Nurse him for 5mins, then
bottle feed mothers milk, i.e when i learnt to feed him, burp him, and change diapers. Its all new to me and  was scary that i would harm baby in any way as he looked very tiny...

Last 2days he was shifted to ward, where i had to spend 48hrs with him and manage him, so they could discharge us.He cried all night, though i had my aunt's help being up all night, wondering why he is crying, pacifying him was all not easy.

Finally D day Aug 12th we got him home, before i could get used to the routine i got Urinary Infection and suffered with  Shivering, high fever and joint pains, next one week i had to suffer.. Ramesh took care of me, while Tharun was cared by my Aunt..

After a week i recovered, and slowly got used to being up 24/7 routine :).  Sometimes its easy when he sleeps in night, somenights he gets all cranky and wants us to hold him all night...Ramesh who was scared to hold him, now holds him pacifys him when he is cranky.

Guess this is a different journey all together.. Looking forward for
next month with our Little Bundle of joy.

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  1. Congrats Suma. Its common with normal term babies too to have silent reflex which we can't hear and hence they cry. Once they grow up to e on tummy time, it helps to reduce their reflex problems a lot. Till then we need to manage somehow.