You would be wondering why i call it as Rebirth for me. Read along to know about it. It all started with this.

Previous week(Monday at 32 weeks) we had just finished Seemantham(Babyshower). Next Tuesday we had our regular scan at 33w2d (33 weeks 2days).

I had developed BP from 30th week, and had started
swelling up. I had blown up and had put on 24kgs in 3weeks
time.... It was all water retention.  Doctor who saw me at scan said i should immediately undergo Emergency C section as i had high BP and entire body had developed Edema(Swelling caused by water retention)  as its dangerous for both me and baby.

We immediately got admitted in cloud nine hospital.  Doctor who does delivery there, gave steroids(To develop baby lungs in case its born early) and also gave tablets for BP. After 2days Doctor felt BP is managed and we could wait for couple of weeks to give time for baby to develop as 37 weeks is considered full term.After 2days observation i got discharged

Next day afternoon around 1pm i got severe unbearable chest pain, i could not eat, sit, stand or lie down.. We called doctor and she suggested to take dolo, which i did. Even

after 1hr nothing changed and i couldn't bare pain anymore. We called our Regular doctor and said i am not able to bare pain, she was shocked that i had not delivered yet, and she called up cloud nine doctor and suggested to do immediate Emergency C section. And i was rushed to hospital around 3;30pm. my husband drove me to hospital. I had my mom with me. And by time we reached hospital my dad came...

I was directly taken to delivery room..Delivery doctors and others were getting ready and i was continuously monitored for BP and fetal heart beat..

Anesthesiologist came in 10mins. He saw my bp was very high and refused to give anesthesia till bp comes down, saying there are chances of me getting fits and would be danger for my  life and the baby's life..

Chest pain was unbearable i kept begging doctors to give anesthesia so i wouldn't feel pain.. I was given injection to reduce bp and they waited for 20mins.. But it did not come down as per the expectations..

I could hear them talking, if we wait more it would be problem for baby in womb.. I was told they are going to take a chance and give anesthesia just to save baby. And doctor explained me there are chances of me getting  fits and it will be life threatening situation..

I was in so much of pain i just said yes i know my life is in danger, please give anesthesia and deliver baby.. Doctors discussed among themselves and explained scenario to Ramesh  and got an ok to proceed.

Finally they gave me Anesthesia and all i remember is doctors trying to push baby and said its  complicated and asked my husband to stay outside that's it then i passed out.

When i got up baby was delivered and i was moved to ICU and baby to NICU....

It was not over,  my parents and husband were told there are signs of liver failing and platelets counts are dropping and i have to be in ICU for observation at least 48hrs and they were asked to arrange as much as donors as possible for blood platelets..

At this point  my parents and husband was running around to arrange donors.. But i dint have any pain apart from c section stitches. But the swellings had not come down and i was still bloated and couldn't move an inch.. I was whooping 125kgs.

My hands legs stomach everything was bloated so heavily.. I was even finding difficult to breathe let alone walk or sit with this weight and c section stitches..

1st day even after giving enough platelets, it did not increase. Ramesh and my parents got more worried.. Also my bp was still high and urine was dark.(Dark urine indicates liver Problem). Doctor told Ramesh i am not showing any sign of improvement and without platelets increasing it will be difficult for me to survive.  I was continuously monitored for BP and urine..

2nd day doctors told, again i need to be given more platelets. My parents and Ramesh struggled to get more donors finally got a bank to get platelets for money.. End of 2nd day i showed improvements.. And my bp was reducing a little and urine was turning light... It was great relief for everybody..

Finally 3rd day i was moved to room which we had  booked for delivery.. I was given tablets for painkiller and BP.. Now that i was moved to room, Ramesh was relieved a bit and went to see our baby to NICU(next building).. First 2 days everyone was so worried about me, nobody got chance to see baby as it was immediately taken to NICU after delivery  and Ramesh could not visit Baby with all this tensions..

4th day Doctor  removed catheter and suggested i should start walking..  But my body swelling was still not reduced and i was still 125kgs.. When a lean nurse tried lifting me up to sit and gave up i almost fell,  got scared.. From then on i made them clear Only Ramesh will lift me up and take me restroom.. I was asked to drink tons of water to help clear the urine color, that only added more restroom trips. Day and night Ramesh had to be next to me as i was very scared to get up without his help.

Next 3days Ramesh and my aunt was my full time care takers. Ramesh had to lift me every time i got up to use restroom or take bath or eat. Those 3 days Ramesh took care of me like a baby helping me take  bath, eat and use restroom.. With my gigantic weight and swelling of whole body i used to find it very hard to even sit,walk or lie down.

Finally after 5days i was discharged.. So after 5days of delivering my son i got to see my Miracle Baby, but couldn't take him home as he needed more nicu hospital stay..

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