We Vacated hotel room and started our 2nd days journey to a place called Vani Vilas Sagar also called Mari Kanive (This is in Hiriyur,35 kms from Chitradurga). We took a local bus from chitradurga to Hiriyur.From Hiriyur Mari Kanive is around 20mins journey, we took a private bus to reach there. Mari Kanive is one of oldest dams,built around 1907 by the Maharaja of Mysore across the river Vedavathi.The length of the dam is about 400 metres and its height is 49 metres. We need to trek about 2kms to reach water. It was around 11:30 a.m, it was tiring to walk 2 kms in hot sun. But once we reached near water, we felt it was worth it...We spent an awesome hour soaking our legs in coool water of dam enjoying the beauty of nature, took some snaps, and started back to chikmagalur. Had lunch and started back to blore..

Vani vilas sagar (Mari kanive)
Vani vilas sagar (Mari Kanive)

one more short of Vani vilas sagar (Mari kanive)
One more shot of Vani vilas sagar(Mari kanive)

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