Destination 1: Tiruttani (Arupadai Veedu)


Tiruttani is  85kms from chennai.. On one of our
visit to chennai, we decided to go Tiruttani.

We started home at  7;00am, and reached temple
by 9;30am. We had darshan in next 30mins....


Tiruttani is one of the Arupadai Veedu, six abodes of Lord Subramanya and is situated in Tiruvallur district. Tiruttani is the Fifth Padai Veedu of Lord Muruga.The temple is situated on a hillock. Three Hundred and Sixty five Steps lead to the shrine, each step representing a day of the year. Lord murugan fiercely fought with Surapadma at Tiruchendur, and  to reduce his anger, he reached Tiruttani Hill , that is why Tiruttani is called as Thanigai malai. Tiruttani is also known by many other names. That is Purnagiri, Kshanikachalam, Mooladri, Neelotpala.

Destination 2: Sri Veeraraghavaswami Tirukkoil

On the way back, Ramesh remembered, his dad
taking him to Veerraghava temple, once he had some illness. And we decided to visit that temple.It is situated about 45 Kms from Chennai on the Chennai- Tirupathi Highway road.  

Sri Veeraraghavaswami Tirukkoil, The deity here is Lord Veeraraghava Perumal with his consort Kanakavalli.One among 108  Vaishnava Divyadesams. The Lord here is in reclining posture on Sesha, facing east and his right hand blessing the devotee. Lord Brahma is also seen meditating on a lotus from the Lord's navel.
The Perumal here is Veeraraghava Perumal and he is capable of curing diseases so he is called "Vaithiya Veeraraghavan".


According to the Sthala Puranam, on Thai Amavasai day, Lord vishnu came in the form of an aged person to fulfill the Maharishi’s thapas. Lord vishnu took  the rice flour offered to him ,and asked for a room to take rest.  Salihotra Maharishi finished  his religious chores and routine and  saw the Almighty  lying in the five headed serpentine bed with Mahalakshmi on His chest and Brahma in His Nabhi. The Lord woke up and asked the Maharishi as to what he wanted. The Maharishi replied that he personally wanted salvation only, but requested that devotees offering prayers to Vaidya Veeraraghava should get their desires completely fulfilled resulting in total peace and harmony, be it relief from illness, misery, lack of progeny, any form of discord besides good health and wealth.  And Lord vishnu granted it.

The god married the Thaayar, who borne in this sthalam as the daughter of King Dharmasenan and was named as "Vasumathi".

There is an another legend that Lord Shiva got rid of his Brahmahathi Dosha after worshipping Lord Vishnu in this sthala. There is a small Shrine for Lord Shiva in this temple premises.

This Sthalam is under the control of Ahobila Mutt Jeeyar

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  1. Thank you..I had visited Sri Veeraraghavaswami Tirukkoil around 30 yrs back when I was a seven year old kid with my parents :) I have over the years remembered the beautiful darshan and used to wonder which temple this could be where I had been, whenever I used to see ranganatha swamy vigrahas at other temples here in karnataka..The only clue I had of this remembrance was it is on chennai tirupati highway and ofcourse the sheshashayana pose..Your detailed post solved it for me..Thanks at ton God bless.

    Thanks, Vinod