We were invited to Ramesh's Friend wedding in Karaikudi. It was on Monday. We decided to go on Saturday, so we can visit  near by places on Saturday and sunday..As usual i checked out near by places and decided to visit Madurai and Karaikudi temples..

Friday, we reached home early and boarded  Night bus to Karaikudi(Had booked tickets earlier)..We reached Karaikudi and called up  his friend Siva, who had booked us a room in Karaikudi..

We freshened up, had breakfast and checked for a Taxi to take us to Madurai..We got hold of a taxi in Taxi Stand.He said he would  charge 3000rs for taking to all temples of Madurai and drop us back to Karaikudi..(Entire trip to/fro Karikudi - Madurai including all temples was  200kms).We started to Madurai and reached Melur road, which is 20kms away to Madurai..



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