Our 2nd wedding Anniversary was coming up. We could not plan any far of place, as Ramesh had taken 3 weeks off in Jan for his father's final rights in U.S... So we decided to just put leave on 15th,monday. And go Munnar for sat,sun,mon..

We booked  tickets through K.S.R.T.C , there is a direct bus from Bangalore to Munnar. Munnar is around 14hrs journey from Bangalore.   We took 8;30pm bus and  reached Munnar by 10;30am.. We took a auto and reached the hotel..

"Kaivalyam retreat" is a amazing resort , surrounded with  spice plantation. Once we  book room in Kaivalyam retreat office, they will arrange for a jeep, to take us to room. Rooms are in a Valley slop and only jeeps can go down.. After 5mins we reached room, which is in between the spice plantation.. This gives a feel of  house in a jungle..We told those hotel boys, we will just freshen up and set out for  sight seeing. He told he can arrange a cab in 30mins..We checked in and freshned up, by then cab came. We started around 12;00pm..

Kaivalyam retreat - Room where we stayed..

Forest area/Plantation opposite to our room



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