Every one needs  vacation to relax and enhance bonding. Taking a day away from the routine hustle and bustle helps rejuvenate oneself. This practice, if employed at the corporate level, enlightens the employees to spend quality time with colleagues.

 As a part of Annual Vacation, we went to pondichery which was organized by Mrs Rekha. Thanks to Mr Sudhir (Our CIO of CIS Infra Team, MindTree)for approving this trip..

Finally the most awaited day arrived! Around 10:30am, We all started off in a  bus arranged from A3 Office (Near Silk Board). We had great time playing dumb-charades,Antyakshari on the way. We stopped by, to have Lunch, and reached Pondy by  early  Evening..

In the bus...
In the bus.

Breakfast stop
Breakfast stop

The Zest Big Beach resort, Puducherry spans across 24 acres with a spectacular beach front. Zest is a Luxury Resort with a serene and an eco-friendly ambience.The resort was very well equipped with Swimming pools, Restaurants,Play Area and several other leisure activities.

Rooms in Zest resort
rooms in Zest resort


As we enter Zest, we were pleased to see a small decorative pool filled with leaves and petals.The reception is good and the guys gave us a welcome drink. We were escorted to the room by a helper.We were delighted seeing the room and its ambience.We girls freshned up and took a stroll near the Zest private beach.. We spent great time  watching sunset near the Beach. We then left to have Dinner. After dinner , we  went to bed early, planning to go near beach for sunrise  early in the morning.....

Girls of our team near beach in evening..
Our team girls near beach

Great chair..
great relaxing chair

Next day, we got up early, and went near beach. We  have seen sunrise many time, but watching sunrise near Beach is a different experience..Around 6:45 am, we could see the sun rays penetrating through the clouds and soon after that we could see the sun coming out. It was a great scene. We enjoyed the sunrise, took some snaps and returned back.

Us in morning
Us in morning near beach
Sun rise in Zest beach..
sunrise in zest beach

We then went to our rooms to freshen up and came to main Lobby to have breakfast. Breakfast was amazing starting from south indian breakfasts to Western breakfasts. We enjoyed our  Breakfast and went to Beach. We 4 (myself, Rekha,Rekha,Rekha. No i did not type Rekha thrice by mistake. We have 3 Rekhas in our Team, Rekha Cubes :))  had great time playing in Beach. Enjoyed  standing against the waves, which used to throw us near Shores...Only when some of boys from our team came there, we realized that we had spent 3 hrs in Beach :)..

In the beach shore..
In the beach shore..

In the beach shore..
one more

We then left to our rooms, had a shower and returned to Lobby for Lunch. Again it was Great buffet lunch, with lot of varieties in Veg & Non-Veg. It was relaxed,excellent lunch, with our chit-chat added to it..

Yummy breakfast..
yummy breakfast

Yummy breakfast..
one more row :)

After lunch we joined other team members in some games...We had great fun playing DodgeBall,VolleyBall and Air Hockey till  tea  time..

Playing VolleyBall
playing volley ball

Playing VolleyBall
one more

Around 7:30 pm, everybody tapped there feet dancing to tunes played by R.J. After an delicious dinner, we went to bed..Next morning, we again went to beach, to spend some  time  in the beach, before we leave to Blore.. We had great breakfast and checked out rooms, and started to blore around 12:00. On the way stopped in Kanchipuram for Lunch. And reached our houses by 8:30pm.Overall we had great fun-filled vacation. And i should add we all got to know each other better, and  made new friends in the other teams..

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  1. Hey Hi Suma , This is Rohit , actually I work in bosch and we are planning for a teamouting in Pondicherry !!!
    Can you please tell me the details of your stay in the resort???I mean the cost per person and other details of hotel ??
    I would be of great help if you mail !!!

  2. hi, suma . :-)
    i always reac about your comments and blogs.
    such a great variety of places you have visited :-)
    I am planning for a trip to any resort with my wife can you please suggest me some places .
    if you give cost details it would be great .
    thanks in advance :-)

    will be waiting to see more blogs from you , in any filed you know .cooking , blogging etc. anything .:-)

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