Once Narada gets a Mango fruit, and says its a very divine and powerful fruit..  Give it to your favourite person... Ganesha was near by, and Lord Shiva gives  it to Ganesha.. By then Lord Shanmukha comes, and says he wants it...

When Lord Ganesha was about to split it, Narada(The fitting master- Kalaha priya) says its a divine fruit, and only one person should eat it, to get its full benefits...


This puts Lord Shiva and Parvathi in fix, and Shiva says "Narada you are the one who brought this fruit and misunderstanding, now you tell the solution for this." Narada says, Oh lord, whoever covers the entire universe thrice deserves this fruits.. Lord Subramanya immediately takes his Vahana peacock and starts rounding the universe.. Ganesha realises he will not be able to beet Muruga with his mouse vahan... After a minute he starts rounding the Divine couple Lord Shiva and Devi parvathi, and says you are my parents and you are my whole universe. Lord shiva and parvati gives Fruit to Ganesha..

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Muruga learnt this on his return, and goes away from this parents...(Yes lord Muruga gets seperated from his parents, lets learn about that story later...)  

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