1.   whatis <command> 

One line information about   command.. whatis is a database stored under /var/cache/man/whatis

# rm -rf /var/cache/man/whatis      //Delete whatis file

# makewhatis                           //Updates whatis db manually

2.  command --help   

One page information, explaining options of command

3.  man <command>  

Manual pages of command
    /text          =search text
    n              =next search
    N              =previous search
    q              =quit

   Sections of man page.Each command is grouped into different sections.

   1. User command
   2. System calls
   3. Library calls
   4. File format
   5. Special file
   6. Games
   7. Missleanous
   8. Administrative commands
   p. Programmers commands

   man page is zipped file stored under 

  /usr/share/man/manx -->where x is num

  man  -a <command> 

  Shows all manual page other than default

  man  -k <keyword> 

 Shows commands related to keyword

  man  -w <command> 

  Path of command

 4. info <page> 

Detailed info about command,designed like webpage each
  * represents a url

    tab =Takes you to *             //Give enter to expand the * 

                                                     and u for undo
    s   =Search text
    q   =undo

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