Mode of installation

1. enter --> Takes you to gui mode of installation
2. linux text --> Takes you to text mode of installation

Types of installation

1. Kickstart --> Unattentded installation
2. network installation -->use cd to boot then read remain from server

For Client to install a package it need 2 refer to a file to find
which is server and read packages from there, so create a client.repo file

in /etc/yum.repos.d directory.

vim /etc/yum.repos.d/client.repo

1. yum clean all //changes to client.repo file updated
2. yum install <pkg> //Install a package
3. yum remove <pkg> //Remove a package
4. yum list <pkg> //Status of package
5. yum list all //List all packages installed in your machine
6. yum list available //List all packages available in server

Package are:-

1. Server //Server related packages
2. Cluster //Replication related packages
3. ClusterStorage //Storage related packages
4. Virtualization //vmware of redhat related packages.

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