Chennai is  Ramesh's Native.. Here is the List of temples we visitED during  our trips to chennai.

1.Vadapalani temple
2.TTD:Tirupati Devasthanam
3.Parthasarathy temple
4.Kapaleeswar Temple
5.Santana srinivasa Temple:  

Vadapalani temple:

This temple is just 10mins from  his place.. We go to this temple, on almost every visit to chennai..This   ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Muruga. There is a theppakolam(Temple tank)in front of the temple.

TTD:Tirupati Devasthanam

This temple is just at a walking distance from his place. This temple is famous for its main deities, Lord Venkateswara and  Alamelu Manga  both  worshipped at one place, unlike in Tirupati,
where Lord is in Tirumala hills and Alamelu Mangamma is in Tirchanur.


Parthasarathy temple: 

Partha - Arjuna, Sarathy - Chartior.. Tiruvallikkeni or Triplicane, as the Britishers called it, happens to be the oldest temple in the city. The temple has two Gopurams (tower) each in eastern and western directions.The temple has dieties of 5 Avatars of  Vishnu Narasimhar, Ramar, Vardarajar , Ranganathar and Krishna.


Kapaleeswar Temple: 

Kapaleeshwarar Temple is a temple of Shiva  located in Mylapore. The form of Shiva's wife parvati worshipped at this temple is called Karpagambal.
According to the Puranas, during the meeting of Brahma and Shiva at top of kailasa, Brahma failed to show the due respect to Shiva. Due to this, Shiva plucked of one of Brahma's heads (kapalams). In an act of penance, Brahma came down to the site of Mylapore and installed a  Lingam to please Shiva.


Santana srinivasa Temple: 

Though temple might be new, Idol is believed to be 650 years old. As this deity is believed to give boon of a child for those couples who do not have child, the deity is called as Santana Srinivasa Perumal. The word "Santana" means child. Due to this, the area was named as "Maha Peru" meaning "boon of a child". In due course it became  Mogappair. The main shrine has Lord Santana Srinivasa Perumala (Vishnu) in the standing posture. The idol is gigantic and is 9.5 feet high. This seems to be a replica of the famous Balaji idol of Tirumala; however, it is taller than that of Balaji idol. The prakara (corridor) has the shrine for the Goddess named "Santana Lakshmi"


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