Rakesh was leaving to singapore this weekend.
He had requested Project manger, to follow up with
HR about Ramya's profile...

Vedavathi and Rajni prepared some snacks and packed for Rakesh..You will be here after 6 weeks right, it wont get extended right? asked vedavathi.. No mom, my visa is only for short term, i will be back in 6weeks dont worry...

Rajni, your cousin will be here till he is back right ?
asked Veda.. Yes amma, they will be here, they  will wait for Rakesh not to worry, said Rajni.

Wait for me ?? But why asked Rakesh.. Rakesh you are getting late, your mom's story will never end, come your cab is waiting said Krishnappa.

It was 2 weeks, there was no response from Rakesh's company, so Ramya started applying for other companies..

Suresh had come from hyderabad to attend  Rajni's cousin wedding. Krishnappa,Vedavathi Suresh Rajni all left for wedding..Since wedding was in native, they all decided to spend a week there.

Rajni introduced her in-laws and husband to  sarika and family.. Waah, i thought you will be very modern, but you are wearing a Pattu(reshme) saree.. You look very good said Vedavathi... Yes yes, she loves wearing traditional dress, we celebrate all festivals and follow all our  rituals said Sarika's mother Roshni..

We stay in America, but we have our in-laws  house here..My father-in-law stays here, we have maids to assist him, he doesnt like to stay for long in Usa.. You people should definitely come to our house for lunch once, said Roshni..

After 2days....

Amma today we can go to Roshni aunt's  house, they have invited new couple for  Lunch, they want us to come too, they will call appa now, to invite us.. Krishnappa got a call in next 30mins, and they all started to Roshni's house around 12;00pm...

Lunchwas a elaborate spread with so many dishes,
hmm looks like they are very rich said Suresh.. Oh
yes if we are rich in village, dont forget they are
settled in Usa from 25years said Rajni..

Vedavathi's happiness has no bounds.. New couple
left by 4;00pm saying they need to go for a temple
in the evening.. Once they left Rajni, Sarika and Roshni started talking about Marriage proposal
while Krishnappa,Suresh and Sarika's dad sat
in Lawn talking about Life in USa..

Around 6;00pm Roshni made tea for everyone,
Once Rakesh comes you guys can either come
here, or we can arrange girl seeing thing in my
relatives house in bangalore said Roshni...

Girl seeing ?? Questioned Krishnappa.. Yes they are proposing Sarika for Rakesh, if they get married, Rakesh will easily get citizenship and he can get a job in usa.. said Vedavathi...

Hmm, lets not decide anything till Rakesh comes
Said Krishnappa and waved bye to Sarika's family.

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