Rakesh came home happily. He spent next 2days picking and dropping Ramya and also met her for lunch. Ramya who was initially very reserved with Rakesh,started getting close and after lunch they used to meet in tea time also, and chat for hours together..

Rakesh listen, tommorrow you need to meet Sarika around 5;00pm, she will come near your office Coffee day, said Vedavathi...

What Nooo. Why should i meet her.. Also i cant  comefrom office before 6;30pm, i will have call said Rakesh.

I have already said yes to them, tell me a reason to reject her, first you meet her and then lets decideas your father told said vedavathi handing over Sarika's mobile number to him...

Rakesh was not sure what reason to tell, as he drops Ramya everyday. And later during Lunch, he said he will be leaving early today to meet his friend, and she go in auto. He dint want to tell he is going meet a girl as forced by his mother..

Sarika called Rakesh at 4;30pm, saying she will be near coffee day at 5;00pm exactly. Rakesh went to meet her with no interest.. Sarika ordered two cappuccino, she dint even bother to ask what did  Rakesh want.. She kept talking about her education, life in usa, her interest, how she doesnt want to  workafter marriage, how she liked him and all. Rakesh just answered yes no...

Sarika suddenly popped up the question so when can we have the engagement,we will be flying in two weeks...
Noo, i am not interested in marrying right away, i need some more time said Rakesh.. Ohhh do you love anyone ? questioned Sarika.. Rakesh was taken aback with this question, he was not sure what to say as he has not even proposed Ramya.. Hmmmm nothing like that, i just need some more time, i want to work few more years before getting married said Rakesh...

Alright lets go, said Rakesh and walked away paying the bill..Sarika followed him, she hoped he would atleast drop her. But he said " Hope you get auto from here, nice meeting you, bye"

Moment Rakesh walked in, Vedavathi and Rajni
bombarded Rakesh with questions, did she come on time, what all did you guys talk, you like her now ? can we talk to her parents and fix date for Engagement ????

Mom.. Please i already told you i dont want to marry right now, i had to meet her as you had already committed, please dont force me.. said Rakesh.

Such a golden opportunity what do you mean by
dont want marriage now, just agree thats all said Vedavathi..

Rakesh just walked into his room..

Aiyo what do amma, we dont have much time also Sarika and her parents are leaving in two weeks.. By then engagment should get over said Rajni.. Dont worry Rajni i know how to make him agree for  this said Vedavathi...

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