Rakesh, Ramya reached home... Rakesh gave a cover to Vedavathi and said mom i have got a sweater, see if you liked it.. Said Rakesh.

Rajni saw one more cover in Ramya's hand and asked is it a sweater to Appa ???

No akka, for uncle we bought a shawl which he can use for walking, this is also sweater for my mom said Ramya.

Oh, show me the sweater, what colour is it asked Rajni.

Moment Vedavathi saw that sweater, she threw this sweater on Ramya's face and said "oh you got cheap sweater for me, and got this costlier for your mom" My son pays and you buycostlier for your mom screamed Vedavathi..

Ramya had tears in eyes and said, no aunty if you want you can keep this, both are of same cost..

Mom, Yes true both are same cost, and i dint pay for this Ramya paid for this sweaters.. If you want that you can keep, but there was no need of this drama said Rakesh and walked into room.

Vedavathi screamed "oh right i do drama, and i am bad but your wife and her parents are very good, they are the ones who did drama and brain washed you"

Sorry sweetheart, just now we came home, she started this already.... Please dont get upset said Rakesh, and hugged Ramya.

Its ok Rakesh, why are you sorry.. She will need some more time to accept this marriage its ok said Ramya...

Next day..

Rakesh, suresh will be coming this weekend, he is taking Rajni this weekend to hyderabad..
So Rajni wants to visit her parents for couple of days, can you arrange her a cab to her place(native) asked Krishnappa..

Rakesh arranged a cab.. And Rajni left to her native...

Rakesh and Ramya started going to office from next day, and continued to eat breakfast and lunch outside, sometimes evening they used to visit Ramya's parents place for dinner..

Rajni came back in 3days, as suresh was coming to pick her up tommorrow..

Rajni had got lots of sweets, a saree for Vedavathi and lots of sarees and a new jewel for herself.
Vedavathi was very happy with this..

Evening Rakesh and Ramya came.. Rajni offered them sweets..

Yeah give them sweets, let them eat.. She never got a penny from her parents, nor did they do marriage and invite our relatives and did grand marriage and food arrangements for them, and now she is eating sweets given by your parents without shame...

Mom... Take your sweets back, why do you have to hurt her always said Rakesh and dragged Ramya to room...

Next day suresh came, and it was a weekend.. Rajni and vedavathi had cooked Biryani,Chicken kabab and Fish fry...

Everybody sat for lunch.. Krishnappa called Rakesh and Ramya also..

Ramya was a brahmin she had not ate anything other than egg in life... She just ate Rasam,rice..

Unusually Vedavathi dint make any fuss that day.. She was busy sending off her favourite DIL..


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