Arrey Rakesh, you here questioned Krishnappa.. Oh dad you are here its good i wanted to talk.. Aunty where is Ramya, her team mate said she has not come to office today, is she alright ??

Yes yes she is fine, Ramya see who has come ....called Padma

Ramya ran to living room saw Rakesh, and blushed and stood in a corner..

Arrey Ramya even you dint go to office today ? whats going on asked Krishnappa.

I will tell you dad... I asked Ramya yesterday if she wants to Marry me.. Even Aunt and uncle was there, today they have to tell me there decision.. Said Rakesh.

Marrying Ramya, are you crazy, did you forget you have engagement tommorrow. Said Krishnappa.

Yes dad, you told if Ramya agrees for marriage, you would support me na..Yes but that was before
your engagement got fixed. Btw did she agree...

You can ask her directly.. Ramya tell me, today is last chance, if you say NO, i need to marry Sarika.. Will you marry me ?? asked Rakesh.

Ramya just went inside room without answering anything...

She came out in a minute with Saree and gold Rakesh bought and gave it to Krishnappa..

Uncle after engagement broke, i wanted to marry after 3-4yrs only.. But Rakesh proposed me yesterday, i like him too. Mom,Dad likes him too. But situation now is his engagment is fixed..Its too Late...So if we have your blessing please give me this saree and gold, Or give it to Sarika said Ramya..

Oh my dear.. I know Vedavathi will never forgive me for this.. But i will do this for Rakesh. I have been seeing him, He likes you almost from day he saw you..I know he will be very happy with you and keep you happy. Also am sure you will take good care of him...You have my blessings. Ramya and Rakesh took blessings of Krishnappa,Padma and Jagdish.

Hmmm.. Wow i am very happy Ramya i was worried that you would say no.. Dad how do we do it now ? Do you think we should tell mom and stop the engagement ???

Rakesh, Veda will never agree this in right mind. She will start with suicide threatens.. I feel its better you marry Ramya Tommorrow as you planned... She will be angry and mad, but with time she will accept the fact says Krishnappa..

Alright dad, i need to go office i just came on permission i have a important meeting.. Can we arrange Simple marriage in a temple tommorrow ?

Jagdish,Padma can can you take care of it??? Veda has sent me on some Engagement work
If i dont go in half hour she will keep calling me.. Dont do anything Elaborate..

Just arrange a simple Marriage in Shiva temple.. Just call me with timings, its my responsibility to bring Rakesh on that time there..Wow Jagdish so from tommorrow we will be relatives.. Nice nice...

Seri Aunty,Uncle i am leaving.. Ramya will call you later..

She will be your wife tommorrow, talk as much as you want while she is your girl friend said Krishnappa....Everybody laughed...


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