In next 5mins they reached Ramya's house.. Padma and Jagdish were very happy to see Rakesh and Ramya..

Mom we are leaving to Shimla,Kulu,Manali tonite and back only after 10days.. We just came to say Bye...

Oh thats nice.. Your dad just took me to Mysore.. Lucky you, Rakesh is taking you so far, and its a proper honeymoon destination. You two have a good time. Said Padma...

Rakesh we are very happy son, even if we searched, i am not sure if we could have got a such a loving and caring husband for Ramya said Jagdish..

You should have told me early na, would have prepared for some snacks to eat on the way said Padma..

Its ok aunty, we are going in flight na, we have ordered meals in flight itself.. And package includes all three times food.. So its fine, Ramya wanted to see before leaving so came..

Ramya we are getting late, shall we move said Rakesh.

Ramya hugged Padma and Jagdish and waved bye..

This was first flight experience for Ramya, and she was very excited about that..

They reached Delhi, where the tourist agent picked them for transfer to Shimla..

It was a 50 seater bus, full of newly married and young couple.. It was around 7hours journey from Delhi to Shimla..

Everyone started singing and dancing.. Rakesh sang a romantic song and danced with Ramya.. They all had a great fun those 7hours... Most of them were on same package, and Ramya got close with one of the couple, who spoke same language as Ramya,Rakesh....

It was around 6pm. And Agent informed they can take rest for day, and tommorrow they would be going to Kufri ..

Rakesh had informed, its going to be there first nite, and special arrangements were made.. Bed was arranged with roses, and made a heart shape.. A bottle of wine was kept along with some fruits and sweets...

Ramya dint have any idea about that, and was pleasantly surprised....

She hugged Rakesh and said, oh sweetheart such a nice arrangement...

Ramya went to restroom, saying she will take shower and get fresh..

Once she was back, Rakesh had switched of the Lights, and Ramya could see the candles lit.. Entire room smelled nice with perfumed candles...

Oh Rakesh, Omg i dint knew you were so romantic.. I am sure this will be very memorable
trip for us.

Rakesh hugged her and kissed her passionately.. They got up only when Agent called up saying they should be ready in 30mins to visit Kufri...

They got ready in a hurry and started to Kufri.. Next 8 days they had great time enjoyed the sight seeing, and shopping and couple of Romantic Candle lit dinner..

Rakesh bought loads of gifts and dresses for Ramya.. Ramya bought a sweater for her mom, and Rakeshs mom..

Honeymoon came to end with lots of sweet memories..

Ramya sat in flight and sighed upon what would await reaching home....


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